Installation and technical

Administration and calibration of the home automation box and the application

Gestion de douche

Installation of the home automation box:

Locate the hot water outlet of your boiler.
The box is delivered with 1/2″ (or 15mm), male or female tips, simply insert the box in series on this output.
You will also need a 220v power supply.

Calculation of consumption:

For the consumption calculation to be realistic, the administrator of must receive 3 figures from the building manager.
These steps are necessary to accurately measure the energy consumption of your shower taking into account the losses of your heating system.

Do the following…

  1. Temporarily stop the heating and other appliances likely to consume energy.
  2. Read the figures from the electricity or gas meter according to the energy used.
    The figures for gas meters are expressed in volumes and will be converted into kwh.
  3. In your shower fill a container with precisely 10 liters with mixed water at the temperature of a good hot shower and time this operation .
  4. Read the meter numbers again and note the difference.
  5. Turn on the appliances you turned off.
  6. Check the cost of KWH on your bill and ask your energy supplier for an estimate of the average annual cost per kwh or if variations are expected for the current year.

3 digits must be sent to the administrator to calibrate the application

A) The duration of the filling of the container.
B) The difference noted on the meter.
C) Your price for one kwh.

NB for users who have hot water reserve systems (boiler), the figure for point B) will be calculated according to the energy consumption standards of your domestic water heaters.